Gulshanara Razzaque Welfare Foundation, a non-profit organization that works in the area of education and health care of the less privileged section of the society  was set up in Sept 1985. In the initial years, the Foundation concentrated on helping poor students through award of scholarships and providing financial assistance for medical treatment of the needy. Subsequently, the Foundation expanded its area of activity by setting up in 1992, Gulshanara Biddaloy, a primary school in Dhaka that now has an enrollment of about 600 students.


The year 2005 saw coming into operation of a 30 bed modern General Hospital in Dohar set up by the Foundation to provide healthcare services.  This hospital provides treatment at a modest cost to the public in general. However, treatment to the families of the poorest of the poor is given free. A socio-economic survey was conducted in the locality to identify this section of the population of the area and permanent ID cards have been issued to them to avail of this facility from the hospital.

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