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Skills Development Center:

The contribution of RMG in Bangladesh economy is immense. It’s a labor intensive industry, an industry that employs mostly nonskilled women hailing from villages. With years of work they become skilled at whatever they are doing. As the industry evolving and modernizing, comes the requirement for more skilled manpower. Every year the demand for skilled worker is growing. In Bangladesh most of the workers don’t have any formal training, what they get is on job training. Sometimes a non skilled worker has to pass many years to attain even the basic skill.


As a responsible business house Newage wants to help some of these poor and disadvantaged ones by means of providing a formal training while they are employed in the organization.For this Newage has established a “Skills Development Center”. After passing out from the training center they are promoted to higher positions in the organization.  


These technical and social skills improve their employment opportunity, income and upgrade social status and benefit the industry as a whole.

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