Sustainability - Environment

Bangladesh’s ready-made garments industry is the nation’s number one export earner. Despite the significant economic contribution of the RMG industries in Bangladesh, it has brought with it a range of environmental problems, like inefficient consumption of energy, Increasing GHG emission, Maximization of Carbon footprints, and Pollution of water resources of the country.

Newage Group is highly committed to the protection of the environment. Environment is the topmost priority of our company and we are in a way to take necessary steps to reduce Carbon footprints, Energy consumption, Water consumption and Waste generation in a gradual way. We are regularly tracking and recording Energy & Water data for setting a SMART target to reduce these in the upcoming years. We have a proper wastage management system. As hazardous chemicals are one of the prime environmental concern nowadays, we have also developed a well-established chemicals management system in our premises. Production waste water are mainly polluted by various chemicals used in our printing unit and we have a well-managed Chemical ETP to treat the waste water. Both legal and customers guidelines are being followed and monitored to create a sustainable environment.


We do believe that, recycling and reusing of the resources will be an effective example of conserving the environment. As a part of that, we reuse the ETP outlet water after being treated to reduce the total ground water consumption. We have also initiated various GHG reduction programs such as Tree Plantation etc. To conserve electricity, we have already replaced T8 lights with the LED which may reduce up to 80% of energy use.


Below are some environment data in whch we are thriving to become more efficient:


Air Emission
  Air Emission Inventory (Newage Apparels Ltd) -2016  
  Air emission inventory (Keilock Newage (BD) Ltd.) -2016 
Energy Consumption
  Electricity Consumption - 2016. 
  Gas Consumption - 2016. 
  Electricity Consumption - 2017. 
  Diesel Consumption (Keilock Newage (BD) Ltd.) -2017. 
  Gas Consumption - 2017. 
Green House Gas Emission
  GHG Summery - 2016. 
  GHG Summery (Keilock Newage (BD) Ltd.) -2016. 
  GHG Summery- 2017. 
  GHG Summery (Keilock Newage (BD) Ltd.) -2017. 
Waste Inventory
  Wastage Data - 2016. 
  Wastage Data - 2017. 
  Wastage data (Keilock Newage (BD) Ltd.) -2017. 
  Wastage data (Keilock Newage (BD) Ltd.) -2016. 
Waste Water Discharges
  Waste Water Test Report from DOE 2019. 
  Waste Water Test Report-2016. 
  Water Discharge Data- 2016. 
  Waste Water Test Report (BSR) -2016. 
  Waste Water Test Report - 2017. 
  Water Discharge Data-2017. 
Water Consumption
  Water Data - 2017. 
  Water Data - 2016. 
  Water data (Keilock Newage (BD) Ltd.) -2016. 
  Water data (keilock Newage (BD) Ltd.) -2017.