Newage Group is a leading manufacturer and exporter of woven and knit apparels from Bangladesh with an annual turnover of about 100 million US dollars. Operating for four decades since 1984, the group is a leader in making high fashion men's casuals; ladies blouses of most recent craze, and latest branded hot selling high street knitwear products. Its years of existence in this trade are dotted with numerous recognitions of performance of excellence from its buyers.

From its modest beginnings employing 150 people at its headquarters in Dhaka in 1984, the company has grown to over 10,500 people and 4,550 machines at four locations. In addition  to consolidating its status as a  premier supplier Newage has embraced available garment industry technology, including: computerized supply chain management systems; computer aided pattern & marker design; latest fusing machinery; laser technology and modern knitting, dying and finishing plant. It also has a fully equipped testing & development laboratory.

But being a leader brings responsibility. This means that we care about the impact that we have on the people and places touched by our organisation. Our textile plant uses captive power generation and has a state of the art  effluent treatment plant for protection of environment. The garments are produced in compliant factories using no child or forced labour, providing workers free child care, and medical assistance.Our purpose built modern factory buildings are designed keeping in mind extreme structural safely considerations and equipped with modern addressable sensors to detect heat, fire and dust to actuate the fire alarm system and fire pump  network. There is  adequate water stored to fight any eventuality. The installed  fire pumps are according to UL specifications. Regular fire drills are held to make the workers aware of the actions required to be taken in such eventualities.

Through the Gulshanara Razzaque Welfare Foundation, our company has supported a school & hospital project with cash donations, logistics, and employee time. The school provides free education for the poor children of the area, with the hospital providing free or subsidised medicare for people of less developed areas of Bangladesh.

At Newage we place great emphasis on satisfying our buyers' requirements and have built an award winning business on this philosophy. We welcome your enquiries and sincerely look forward to working together