To promote ethical practices and moral values in life, business and other areas. To create employment through sustainable and environment-friendly investments.


Newage Group is in its 38th year and it has been a long and very successful existence in this sector. The mission is to consolidate this existence and to step forward in keeping pace with changing global context and to be prepared to meet the upcoming challenges ahead in this sector.



To be reputable and honest by standing behind the promises and working ethically morally and legally.


To be aware of their responsivities, to take the necessary measures in time in order to provide the best service in the name of responding to all the expectations and needs of internal and external customers in the field of service by being customer-oriented.

Being Different

Business is basically not only to continue but also to bring new value-added solutions.


By exhibiting a positive attitude to changing conditions effectively, to be flexible and have a creative perspective.

Team Spirit

To achieve the company goals by working consistently and efficiently.


Pay attention to what we create, how we create it and the way it impacts people and the environment.