News & Events

Date :  01-Jul-2019

Newage Group and Bkash, a Mobile Financial Service(MFS) provider, has entered into an agreement by which Newage Group will disburse its workers monthly wages through 'Bkash' mobile payment system. This enables transition from cash to mo

Date :  29-Mar-2017

A four member delegation of European Parliament led by Mr. Arne Lietz, Member of European Parliament visits Newage Ashulia complex. Mr. A.S.M Quasem, Chairman Newage Group and Mr. Arif Ibrahim, Managing Director welcomed them at Newage. Other members of the delegation were Ms. Linda McAvan, Mr.

Date :  28-Feb-2017

Worker's Participation Committee (WPC) election was held on 28 February 2017 at Keilock Newage Bangladesh Ltd.  A total of 9 representative were elected from the workers by the workers on secret ballot. Record no of women were elected this time. This commettee replaces the outgoing ele