Opened in 2004 and situated in 36,700 square meter of tranquil park land 55 km outside Dhaka, this factory is edging towards surpassing Groups expectation.Securing a number of contracts for supply of plastic hangers for RMG factories in Bangladesh, it has won an impressive contract to supply thread cones for a major multi-national thread supplier.

Sharing the park land with NEWAGE Textiles& Accessories it boasts two new injection moulding machines (FT280 F1) capable of churning out 320,000 Doz hangers per year and uses the same effluent plant which services the whole site.


Since the factory is relatively new applications for certification are currently being processed. NEWAGE Plastics Ltd would welcome being considered as your premier plastic hanger supplier, therefore please do not hesitate to send us your enquiries through contact us.


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