Mohammad Abdur Razzaque Hospital


The year 2005 saw coming into operation of a 30 bed modern General Hospital in Dohar  to provide healthcare service in the locality. This hospital provides treatment at a modest cost to the public in general. However, treatment to the families of the poorest of the poor is given free. A socio-economic survey was conducted in the locality to identify this section of the population of the area and permanent ID cards have been issued to them to avail of this facility from the hospital.



The hospital is equipped with two operation theatres for performing general surgery, one specialized OT for eye surgery and one OT for performing ENT and other minor surgeries. In addition to permanent medical staff doctor serving the hospital 24/7, consultants in specialized fields of general medicine, cardiology, gynecology, ophthalmology, general and orthopedic surgery, ENT and pediatricians serve the hospital twice a week. The hospital has a diagnostic pathological laboratory equipped with semi automatic analyzer, digital x-ray facility, dentistry, ECG and ultra sound equipment including colour Doppler machine and very modern eye testing equipments including keratometer and eye scanners. There is a physiotherapy centre, an emergency room and a pharmacy as well in service of the local population.

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