Founded to produce high classknit & woven apparel for the international market, we have won in less than a decade nominations of a number of leading retail houses such as H&M and C&A to produce for them fashionable casual shirts & blouses.

The 14,200 square meter twin unit factory is set in Newage Industrial Prak Ashulia,  35Km outside Dhaka. Employing nearly 3,300 workers and staff in a safe and friendly work environment,  With 1200,000 pieces per month production capacity, our factory has received certification of compliance from a number of our buyers. Our modern facilities house cutting edge technology that serves to meet the ever changing fashions.


Quality Assurance:
We inspect up to 10% of all inbound fabric consignments at our premises using 4 points system. If incidence of defects rises above normal range in this initial random check, the full quantity is inspected to assure acceptability of consignment.

Consistency of quality of production at each machine is controlled through traffic light system marshalled by a team of quality inspectors reporting directly to Managing Director. At end of the production all shirts are checked on leaving floor and again before packing.

We use AQL level 2.5 for in house inspections, though other inspection standards are also followed for third party inspections as prescribed in the buyers' specifications.

Major Buyers:

  • H&M
  • C&A
  • Target
  • VF Asia
  • Alpha Border
  • Takko
  • New Frontier 

Please browse our site and send us your enquiries. Perhaps one day we can add you to our list of valued buyers.


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